Erik works with students (middle, high and college), educators, and parents. He can be hired for a single keynote, a 1/2 day, or a full day.

Erik’s ability to connect with the audience is amazing. He speaks from his heart and pours into everyone in the crowd. He brings new energy into the lives of everyone in the room.

Hey there! Erik here. I’m so happy to connect with you. To answer your question, YES! I understand you’re here to check me out and I am most deffinitely ready to make a difference at your school. I say this not because of my experience on stage, my skillset as a speaker, or my ability to connect with the youth. I say this because I’m obsessed with what I do! I can’t wait to team up with you and make a difference together.

Erik is on a mission to impact our youth in a real and lasting way. His story is one of depth and growth on so many levels. He walks your kids through his process of transformation and its sure to make an impression. 

All of this will be accomplished by taking them on a journey through his story and sharing his 4 step process of change which builds the R.O.C.K solid foundation they need to grow on. Each letter of the acronym will leave a unique impression and thoughts will be firing as to how they can be appplied in the listeners life. Your kids will leave this talk vibrant, curious and filled with excitement!

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