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“Erik’s ability to connect with the audience is amazing.”

“He speaks from his heart and pours into everyone in the crowd. He brings new energy into the lives of everyone in the room.”

My name is Erik Salzenstein, and I’m a motivational speaker specializing in connecting with today’s youth. 

In this powerful talk, I touch on the major challenges facing today’s youth…mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, low self-esteem, identity, adversity and more.

Do you have students who are struggling? Students who are making poor choices to get noticed or fit in? Do you have students who feel like they just don’t belong?  Would it be helpful if you had a way to help them change their path now?

What If I could reduce or even eliminate these issues at your school with your students?

 My signature talk is titled “From Prison to Purpose” and I’m on a mission to help your students. Don’t take my word for it…Check out this 2 minute video of me in action.



When students come up to me after my Prison to Purpose talk, they often ask the most amazing questions and some end up crying because they feel that they met someone that actually “gets” them. 

I went from being a star basketball player and positive contributor to my family to a drug addict, drug dealer, high school dropout, and a convicted felon who served 4 years in Florida prison.

I focus on delivering a powerful message giving actionable tools and strategies about how students can make small changes that lead to big results over time.

I know this works because I hit rock bottom in prison and started making the small changes necessary to create a life filled with success AND fulfillment.

The solution is human connection, self-care, understanding, self-esteem building, overcoming adversity and a never giving up attitude that can create lasting positive change.

As you can probably sense, I absolutely love what I do and am ready and eager to help just as you are. The challenge for schools is you often want to help but aren’t sure how. This is where I come in. I’m taking my own experience and using it to help our students from making the same mistakes. I want them to not end up where I did.

My superpower is to powerfully speak and inspire today’s youth. I have a unique ability to connect with today’s youth based on my own experiences, demeanor and approach. 

I’d love to have the opportunity to have a conversation in the next week about the challenges your students are facing and how I can support you. Let’s set up a time and I look forward to connecting.

Thank you very much.

Pete Vargas - CEO of Advance Your Reach

“Hiring speakers can be a risky thing. You want to make sure you hire someone that will serve your community and knock it out of the park. Erik Salzenstein is your guy. His story inspired our entire audience. We had over 60+ meeting planners vote him the winner of our speak off. These 60 are folks who have their own events just like you. I highly recommend Erik.”

Daniel - Student

"Erik was awesome! A lot of the things he said resonated with me so much it was kinda creepy."

Kev Cossin - Educator

“Erik is a humble yet dynamic speaker. His personality and personal strength shined through to our students. He is a must-have speaker”

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Erik works with students (middle, high and college), educators, and parents. He can be hired for a single keynote, a 1/2 day, or a full day.

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