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Hey, Erik Here!

Are you a NEW speaker or coach who wants to start making a bigger impact in the world?

 Are you someone who wants to take your expertise, passion, experience and knowledge and share it with others to help them with a specific problem. 

 If so, you’re in the right place. My passion as a coach is entirely on helping you. It’s lazer focused on assisting people just like yourself who have all the things needed to make it happen but are lacking the actual steps to MAKE it happen 🙂

 You have the ingredients but not sure how, when or where to put them together. That’s where I come in.

 I’ve had the privilege and honor of working with some of the best coaches in the industry in all categories. Marketing, sales, branding, speaking and so on. 

What I’ve recognized as a new speaker or coach there are foundational things you must have in place in order to bring your vision to life. In order to turn your passions into profits, your intentions into impact and your vision to value you have to have the essential things in place or you’ll continue to struggle.

 I’m sure at times you feel frustrated. Not exactly sure what you’re doing wrong or what you should be doing next. Not sure why your content isn’t converting to new clients or why your appointment book isn’t full of calls. I totally get it because I was there. At one point all I had was a story, passion, motivation and the intention to help people. 

 But after a lot of money invested, a lot of travel involved, a lot of mistakes made and a lot of time spent I’ve figured it out. 

 I’ve got the full blueprint for you on how I was able to literally start from scratch and build my 2 different coaching businesses to 10k months and land a TEDx talk along with multiple paid speaking gigs.

 I can show you exactly how to create an exciting, momentum building, money producing speaking and coaching business.

 And guess what!? You dont need fancy funnels, a huge email list, a professional website or expensive FB & IG ads to do it (those will come).

This is for you if you are:

– An aspiring speaker or service based provider that’s looking to get your expertise and message out to the world and help people but don’t know where to start?
– Feeling a little overwhelmed with all that’s needed and want a clear path and direction on what to do next.
– Tired of feeling like you’re putting stuff out there and not gaining any traction and left feeling frustrated.
– You know you’re meant to do more and make a bigger impact and are ready to give your all to make it happen

This is not for you if you:

– Are looking for a get rich quick thing
– Are already making 5k a month in your business
– Are looking for a coach or program that does all the work for you

Pete Vargas - CEO of Advance Your Reach

“Hiring speakers can be a risky thing. You want to make sure you hire someone that will serve your community and knock it out of the park. Erik Salzenstein is your guy. His story inspired our entire audience. We had over 60+ meeting planners vote him the winner of our speak off. These 60 are folks who have their own events just like you. I highly recommend Erik.”

Daniel - Student

"Erik was awesome! A lot of the things he said resonated with me so much it was kinda creepy."

Kev Cossin - Educator

“Erik is a humble yet dynamic speaker. His personality and personal strength shined through to our students. He is a must-have speaker”

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