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Pete Vargas

CEO Advance Your Reach

“Hiring speakers can be a risky thing. You want to make sure you hire someone that will serve your community and knock it out of the park. Erik Salzenstein is your guy. His story inspired our entire audience. We had over 60+ meeting planners vote him the winner of our speak off. These 60 are folks who have their own events just like you. I highly recommend Erik.”
Ken Cossin


“Erik is a humble yet dynamic speaker. His personality and personal strength shined through to our students. He is a must have speaker”


“Erik was awesome! A lot of the things he said resonated with me so much it was kinda creepy. “


Erik’s journey is something incredibly special and signifies in such a powerful way the process and possibility of change. He struggled and battled with drug addiction, anxiety and greed. His life spiraled out of control and he found himself in a courtroom facing some serious time. Erik was sentenced to 4 years in prison and made a decision to do whatever it was going to take to transform his life. He spent his time relentlessly pursuing and studying personal development. He spent his time, day and night changing, tweaking and re-wiring himself to match the future self he wanted to create. 

As he started to create these changes down to the way he was physically walking, he had a desire to share this with others. He started speaking from stage and was even published in a local newspaper while incarcerated for a speech contest against 2 other prisons. He started coaching, running workshops and mastermind groups for the other inmates in hopes that they too would make a decision to change.

He realized some key components that allowed such incredible change and developed his 4 step process of transformation using the acronym R.O.C.K. Since getting out he’s made it his mission to share his story and help people create the ROCK solid foundation they need to change and create higher levels of achievement.

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